17 agosto 2017


It was as if the Portuguese were conquering Latin America again.

President De Susa had recently become famous  in the South-America continent when he decided to travel to Brazil without protocol on June 10th to celebrate the Portuguese National Day.

Brazilian President Michel Temer had to request permission to attend the cerimonies in his own country. After much consideration and no less consultation, President De Susa granted him permission. Unfortunately, at last minute, he was too busy and could not attend.

Argentinian President Maurício Macri tried to persuade President De Susa that Argentina is an independent country and cannot accept foreign militar and judicial operations in her own territory without permission.

In reaction, President De Susa, used the Argentinian own national TV network to send a warning to Macri. He threatened Argentina with a Falkland's type total war using Portugal's full  arsenal of nuclear weapons securely guarded at Tanks Air Base, if he interfeared with the search for Peter Throw.

The headquarters of the operation were set up at the Portuguese Embassy in Buenos Aires, at Maipú, 942, 17th floor. Pope Francis, visiting his home country at the time, paid a state visit to President De Susa and blessed the operation.

In this Associated Press photo, De Susa is seen kissing an old lady at Córdoba Avenue in Buenos Aires.

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