16 agosto 2017

The Big Stone fire

The search for Peter Throw had now been running smoothly for more than a year, under the control of the Portuguese authorities, when an article appeared in a national newspaper by a journalist also named Peter.

The article was titled  "Should we jail Peter Throw now"?

It was a bombshell.

Soon, Peter Throw was a celebrity on national television, appearing, day after day, on every Evening News edition - and also at the Lunch Hour edition - of every Portuguese TV network with the most incredible reports about his whereabouts.

This came a few months after the Portuguese judiciary authorities had proved their effectiveness in the search for another Peter. Peter Days, a man in his fourties,  had killed a National Republican Guard officer and two other people in a small city of central Portugal, named Arouca.

More than half of the Portuguese people responded to the Daily News invitation and joined the search for Peter Throw, stopping and questioning each and every Peter they could find in the country, including Peter Nunes, a famous mathematician, and Peter Álvares Cabral, the man who discovered Brazil

Only to be disappointed two weeks later when a Córdoba newspaper published a photo of Peter Throw and his donkey Castro walking slowly in  the most remote region of northeastern Argentina.

The Big Stone fire, one of the most deadly fires in the world,  which had recently killed sixty-four people in the country (eighty-three according to unofficial figures) was completely forgotten. The fire was still raging and the Portuguese judicial authorities had already found the cause of the tragedy - a dry thunderstorm.

Within hours, the tree that was hit by a lightening bolt was located. There she standed, sad for all the devastation and loss of life, even though the lightening bolt was never seen - and understandably so. Days later, the National Metereological Institute would report that there were no litghtening bolts in the region at the time.

President De Susa, himself a Professor of Law, smelling TV cameras, immediately flew to Buenos Aires to personally lead the search for Peter Throw. As the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, he took with him two generals and one vice-admiral,  three Government Ministers, four criminal instruction-judges - among them, Cathy Littleriver De Almeida - and twenty-five criminal investigators from the Public Ministry to join Toni.

Several guests were also on board. Cathy Martins and the Deadwater sisters were the first to board the plane, as they had been waiting for a long time this opportunity to chase Peter Throw. Father Deadwater was also invited as a technical consultant just in case a plane or a luxury cruiser had to be hijacked to capture the fugitive.

Parliament's president Iron Rodrigues was also on board, seating alongside Peter Steps Rabbit, the Opposition leader and former prime-minister. To organize the feast to celebrate the capture of Peter Throw, President De Susa invited his cousin Jerome De Susa, the communist party leader, known for the organization of the best annual feast in the country - The Go Ahead! Feast.

Prime-minister Tony Coast would join later for the celebrations. The leader of the CDS party sent in her representation Christian Ronald's lawyer, and the Christian Ronald of the lawyers, known for giving Christian Ronald, in exchange for millions of euros in lawyer's fees,  an honor that Christian Ronald would never get by himself - the status of arguido in a case of tax evasion in Spain. Tony Wolf.

Cathy Martins and Cathy De Almeida were seating together in the seventh row of the plane, Martins talking ferosciously about Peter Throw, De Almeida listening apprehensively in silence.

Paul Arthur Of Saints Of Fields Rangel was seating two raws behind.

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